The Jezables cancel tour as Heather has Ovarian cancer treatment

The Jezables cancel tour as Heather has Ovarian cancer treatment

Shocking news in the world of indie pop today as the Jezabels have had to cancel their world tour as keyboardist Heather Shannon has treatment for ovarian cancer.

The award winning  The Jezabels are out on a two month tour of Australia band and have shocked the Australian and global fans as Heather Shannon needs further treatment for her ovarian cancer.

The band posted on their website on Friday the following statement ” Three years ago Heather was diagnosed with a unique type of ovarian cancer.  Although she has been able to maintain life as usual generally, between treatments, the time has come for her to undergo further immediate treatment which will require her to stay in Sydney,”

The website shows a statement that Heather adds personally:

“Up until now, I have preferred to not let this diagnosis get in the way of getting on with life. I feel a deep frustration at this new roadblock, as I now have to take a step back and undergo treatment. The band means so much to me, and cancelling the tour has been a very sad decision. I am hopeful that in the near future we will be back on the road again playing music we love. This album means so much to us, and we were so looking forward to sharing it live with everyone.

Having said that, I feel very lucky to be in the care of the public health system here in Australia. I have met many inspiring people and I am receiving the best treatment possible. There is a lot of research going into ovarian cancer at the moment, and a big push for awareness.


Everyone at Hoe4Cure wishes you all the best Heather x











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